used edo price toyota

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used edo price toyota

Toyota innova driver injector EDU

full form  EDU (Electronic Driving Unit)

EDU  (Electronic Driving Unit) P1215 TOYOTA,

Electronic Driving Unit Circuit,showing codes in this

case some times,car starting problems engine

cranking but not starting, edu location toyota innova

fuel injector nozzle curnet issue toyota innova EDU  2 types

2005 TO 2010 2 Socket , 2010 TO 2015 3 Socket 

faulty electronic driving unit (edu)

car engine starting problems the ECU for 

fuel injector driver EDU, toyota innova, OEM

 toyota hilux,DRIVER, INJECTOR 89871-25010.

toyota innova driver injector edo price carcode

Used EDU Price   10000 INR

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