hyundai i20 crankshaft sensor location

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hyundai i20 crankshaft sensor location

Hyundai i10-i20 Crankshaft Sensor Location

Hyundai i20 i10 Car starting problems in car, Engine cranking

but not starting, first scan when your car engine starting issues

to check error codes dtc trouble code,if showing crankshaft 

sensor to to check the sensor carnck position crankshaft position 

sensor ,wiring socket harness connector Ok Or Not, check voltage

using multimeter ignition current positive, and negative current 

then Check ECM, ECU, PCM ,voltage and, wire connection 

continuity check with multimeter,Testing lamp ECU To,crankshaft

 position sensor wire connection  flow goes bad,Hyundai i20 i10 

hyundai i10 crankshaft sensor location carcode

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